Lighter, Brighter…er…. Underarms?

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Underarm Lightening

Establishing these habits, made lighter underarms permanent

When I was a kid, you couldn’t have been able to convince me that there would be so many reasons, and so many ways that I would find to not like the way certain parts of me look. No way!
Of course we are all self-conscious about certain parts of ourselves, but to have more than a hand-full of places that you don’t like is probably really excessive.
Anyway. I have always wondered if it was possible to tackle this issue of mine…
It’s to do with my under-arms. Man, I have had a problem with this area forever!

Before I could even dream of picking up all those strange ingredients that Dr. Internet would no doubt suggest to me, I wanted to actually get down to the basics, and start out with where exactly I got to be in this predicament.
Is there something that I did–or do–to get dark under-arms? Continue reading