Everyday Acne Free Skin is Easy!

Wouldn’t we all agree that when adolescence began in our lives, many changes, both pleasant and not, began to occur?Bella Terra Cosmetics Cure Acne
One the most unpleasant things that I have personally battled with, and experienced was acne, which is actually not just a bane, but a skin infection that occurs under the surface of the skin when oil and dirt get into the pores and clog them.

Acne affects most people from early in their teen years, then begins to ease up near the end of the teens.
I think that I was probably an early bloomer, because I can recall having a mountainous black-head on the tip of my nose when I was around 11 years old. It was the worst thing ever!
All kinds of remedies and methods to prevent break-outs have been invented, and I think that I have probably tried most or all of them, yet did not find a cure.
Finally, though, I am happy to say that I can put Acne, and all childish things behind me, because thanks to Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Skincare Range, and my Beauty Basics regiment, I have been able to remain acne free for what has been two years now! Continue reading


Vitamin E is a Super Antioxidant

When I was younger, my Mother used to make us use this gel-like serum, or emulsion (I can’t describe the consistency), but it was sort of yellowish, and it was called: “Vitamin E Oil”
When I read that Tocopherol Acetate aka Vitamin E was also in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Daily Moisturizer, and Anti-Wrinkle Cream, I got to wondering about it again;

What exactly does this oil do?

While it’s common knowledge that vitamin E is good for your skin, not that many people could tell you exactly what this nutrient does.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.
According to WebMD; Antioxidants are agents that neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals, which are molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Continue reading

The Skinny On Large Pores

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Pores3

Someone please save me from my chin?

I was recently looking back on everything that I have written about skin, and trying to figure out if I may have missed something…
Lately my own skin is getting much better, more clearer, just more awesome, really, but I have been struggling with what looks like blackheads, or enlarged pores, or both on my chin, and I was like; “Well… What could have caused this?”
It struck me that it was time to really look at what’s going on inside my skin.
Learn more about my pores. Learn more about how to prevent certain things, and how to manage others…

The 411 on Pores

Your pores go with your hair; like “fingers, go with nails”, in that:
 For every hair on your body, there is a corresponding skin pore.
Even though we can’t see every single pore, we can definitely see some of them, and it’s the same with hair actually. Continue reading

Your Skin Is Rusty, Girl!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Antioxidants

You can literally save your skin from damage

Ah… The Teen years. The years we throw all caution to wind, and use baby oil to tan our skin.
The years we conveniently forget to wear a hat while we’re outside, because we don’t want to ruin our hair.
The years we amass a bucketload of free radicals that our skin has to spend the rest of the era, and our early twenties fighting off!
Then 22 comes…
It comes like a debt collector looking to be paid, and you are suddenly realizing that the elasticity of your once supple, and smooth skin has been compromised.
You not only have pimples, but you also beginning to spot some fine-lines, from all those cute funny faces you made in those totes adorb’s selfies taken in the passengers seat of your best friends car, during that one awesome summer.
You have now entered the twilight zone…

On the verge of a quarter life crisis, you plow through your favourite beauty glossies, and notice that they all seem to be touting products with Antioxidants. Continue reading

The Truth Comes To The Fore

As much as we’ve told that; You just have to know to hold ’em and to fold ’em, as far as caring for your skin is concerned, I have to tell you…
We have all been deceived!
The real truth is that as you pursue the many options you have available to you as far as skin firming is concerned,just know that sagging skin is a normal part of the aging process, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, or of some “amazing alternative”, bop them one over the head! It’s just not possible to reverse,or prevent the aging process.Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Anti-Aging Skin Firming Capsules
What you can do is slow it down… So that’s what this post is about. Truly slowing down the aging process…
You see, the truth is that over time, gravity is bound to take its toll on the body.
The downward force of gravity creates a drag on the skin, and contributes to its sagging.

Measures to delay skin’s aging


Always wear sunscreen. It’s one of the most cliché things that anyone might say, but it honestly cannot be truer. As every Dermatologist has said; “Continued exposure to the Sun’s UV Radiation will prematurely age the skin, ten-fold!”
It also contributes to your skin’s aging by breaking down those chemicals needed to maintain our skin’s elasticity, so just don’t do that to yourself?

Put the ciggy down

Yup! Totally went there! If you want to age your skin prematurely continue to expose your lungs, and indeed your entire body to the filthy habit of smoking, honestly anti-aging creams will be the very last your worries. Continue reading

There’s Something Musky In The Air

Q: So what is a Nitro-musk exactly?

A: It is a Musk ketone

The structure of the nitro group

The structure of the nitro group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be a little more specific, let’s go through the history of it all… How does 1888 sound to you?
That is the year that the first artificial musk was obtained by a man named Albert Baur. He had condensed toluene with isobutyl bromide, aluminium chloride was a spectator iron (part of the reaction, but not really in it).
These three ingredients, for lack of a better word, are also known as the “Three Nitro Group and a nitrating the product all make up nitro-musks.
The hilarious part of this story is that, it was discovered accidentally as a result of Baur’s attempts to produce a more effective form of trinitrotoluene (TNT). 
The distinctive, and slightly “Gah” odor depends upon the symmetry of the three nitro group… Please don’t ask me to elaborate? Continue reading

NO Synthetic Dyes, They Say…

I have often asked myself this question, but have never really tried to find information that would answer it, until this moment, and that question is;
“Why does Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics emphasize NO Synthetic Dyes in any of their products?”
What’s the harm in a little synthetic dye.
I mean, even the name synthetic denotes something that is fake, and not to be feared. Why should we care so much that Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics does not use any fake dyes, and some of the biggest names in the Beauty industry do?

Well, I don’t really like wondering something for too long, so of-course now I am on a mission to find out the exact answer to this conundrum! Continue reading