Everyday Acne Free Skin is Easy!

Wouldn’t we all agree that when adolescence began in our lives, many changes, both pleasant and not, began to occur?Bella Terra Cosmetics Cure Acne
One the most unpleasant things that I have personally battled with, and experienced was acne, which is actually not just a bane, but a skin infection that occurs under the surface of the skin when oil and dirt get into the pores and clog them.

Acne affects most people from early in their teen years, then begins to ease up near the end of the teens.
I think that I was probably an early bloomer, because I can recall having a mountainous black-head on the tip of my nose when I was around 11 years old. It was the worst thing ever!
All kinds of remedies and methods to prevent break-outs have been invented, and I think that I have probably tried most or all of them, yet did not find a cure.
Finally, though, I am happy to say that I can put Acne, and all childish things behind me, because thanks to Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Skincare Range, and my Beauty Basics regiment, I have been able to remain acne free for what has been two years now! Continue reading


Bella Terra Cosmetics, and Your Own Skin Firming Cream

Homemade Skin Firming Cream Bella Terra Cosmetics

Healthy skin is a habit. A habit that begins at home…

Paranoid… That’s certainly one way to put it!
They say that once you reach a certain age (and by “they” I am referring to my Mother’s dermatologist), anyhow, they say that once you are a certain age, your skin has reached its proverbial “peak”, and will thus begin its descent into mediocrity. It will start to wrinkle, and warp accordingly…
Ironically I am 22 years old now, the age of said peak, and I gotta say, I couldn’t be more paranoid.

Since I have received a few agitated–and can I say judgmental–glances from some people who I considered even in the slightest tolerant of my beauty/skin-care obsession, the judgement is beginning to take its toll on me.
So I got to thinking:
What would be the perfect way to interchange between my already fantastic Bella Terra Cosmetics Anti-Aging product regiment, and something less extreme?
Then I had an epiphany: If I could use something that I already had in my kitchen, then surely I would incite a little less non-verbal judgement from those near and dear to me, right?

I dub this post:
“How to Firm the skin with items in your Kitchen”

That’s right! We are about to make some homemade skin firming cream; or at least something that does the same thing…
This is something that you can use on weeks where you are still waiting for your Bella Terra Cosmetics products to reach your doorstep, or just as;
Something that will complement your already flawless routine! Continue reading

Bella Terra Cosmetics Improves How Your Skin Ages

Bella Terra Cosmetics Improves Your Skins Aging

Let’s improve how our skin ages!

Some pessimists like to state boldly that our skin can only get crappier, no matter what cream we use, or how many facials we get.
I don’t agree! I think that it is very possible to improve, and take back your youth.

Everyone knows what good skin looks like; Well hydrated, tight, elastic, not overly oily, tiny clear, and probably not even noticeable pores… Ah good skin, you enigmatic thing you!

Our skin is pretty much on autopilot, that is until puberty, and then we notice that our once all-clear, wrinkle-free complexion is beginning to falter its way through early adolescence, in the form of those hateful pimples.
Time takes its toll, and our skin becomes less and less stable, with genetic changes and sun damage taking their combined effect.
Unfortunately we can only control things to a certain extent, at which point we are completely vulnerable to some factors of natural aging, and today we even know that the sun — not our genes — is mostly to blame for our baby-fresh faces turning blemished and wrinkled.

If you are not really in the mood to know the cause, the best preventative measure you can take–besides limiting sun exposure and wearing protection from damaging UV rays– is to focus on these other changes you can make to keep bad elements at bay:
Don’t smoke.
Limit your alcohol intake, and
Choose a skin care regiment that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. I am especially proud of the one that I have devised using Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics’ Skincare range.

If you are still interested in knowing exactly how does your skin age, stay with me! Continue reading

Importance of Fragrance Free Beauty

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Fragrance Free

Smelling “good” has some serious health implications.
Choose fragrance free beauty products!

I have asked myself and many others around me, to very few, and far in-between responses for the answer to my next question, however when I saw the label “Fragrance Free” on the Bella Terra Skincare range, the question was reignited yet again, and I wanted to know;
“What’s the big deal about fragrances and chemicals?”

If just like me, you may have noticed a slight up-tick in the fragrance-free, less toxic products on the market but still don’t get the point of it, here’s the gist of what I have found out: 
The health of all human beings and the health of our planet are both directly dependent on what we put on and in our bodies, our land, and our air.

Yeah… Still not sinking in? I guess we should take look at the reasons that some people believe should be the main motives behind going fragrance-free, and the next time you see those words as a label on your Bella Terra Cosmetics you can rest assured that it’s a good thing! (or bad thing, I don’t know… Let’s see.) Continue reading

Phthalates in Cosmetics? Big Deal!

In Beauty Basics Parts one, two, and three, I mentioned that my favourite Bella Terra Cosmetics products are not only paraben free, but they are also phthalate free!
I received a message from someone who was interested in purchasing more conscious products, without compromising on looking ”normal”.
It’s a great thing! You want to take better care of yourself, and not look like a typical Granola Head–Hey, more power to you.
Even though the chemistry of cosmetics is a really complicated game, I will do my best to explain everything as clearly, and basically as possible.
In order for you to understand the difficulty of avoiding this ingredient, it would be good for you to know that;
One billion tons of phthalates are produced worldwide each year, so avoiding this group of chemicals is pretty difficult, as they may be present even in our most prized cosmetics. Continue reading

True Conscious Skin-Care is Paraben Free?

In my last post, when I was relaying what to look for when you are looking for exfoliating products, I mentioned finding something with NO Parabens (I believe it was actually the first thing I asked to even look out for). That post received such positive response, and a I got some people who wondered what this wicked thing called a paraben was, that they had to watch out for it! Continue reading

Beauty Basics for Healthy Skin pt. 2

Healthy skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3; once you have mastered the basics.

Literally step 1, 2 and 3. Today we’re going to start with the first step!

The last time we were talking about Beauty Basics, I put a great deal of emphasis on making sure that you understand what exactly you were working with. That is to say, figuring out your skin type by removing all the unnecessary stuff, like make-up. (Read it here: Part 1)

If you have a problem with Acne flares, that come and go, and you have no idea what they’re caused by, or excessive oiliness, these steps that I’ll be sharing will really help you–heck they worked for me!

Healthy Skin Step 1: Exfoliating

This is not just some buzz-word invented by beauty gurus. If you are an acne sufferer, exfoliation is going to become a new revolutionary part of your life!

Exfoliation; A cosmetic technique aimed at removing dead skin cells from the face and body.

Exfoliation; A cosmetic technique aimed at removing dead skin cells from the face and body.

What to look for in an Exfoliating product

Every well read dermatologist, and cosmetologist  is going to tell you the same thing; Stay away from these home-made “exfoliating products” made from egg shells, or ground peach pits, as they can create little micro tears in the skin, and leave scars.

Make sure that the product that you end up choosing has;

  1. NO Parabens
  2. NO Propylene Glycol
  3. NO Ethanolamines
  4. NO Sulphates
  5. NO Phthalates
  6. NO Synthetic Dye
  7. NO Nitro Musks, and 
  8. NO Retinol/AHAs

What you are looking for is a product that is a mild exfoliant, and will naturally leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, and young again!

You might think that there couldn’t possibly be a product out there that can fit all those categories, and still be affordable right?

Bella Terra Cosmetics Exfoliating Gel

I personally really love the Bella Terra Cosmetics range because not only does their Exfoliating Gel not contain any of the above-mentioned ingredients, but the gel has no wheat, no nuts, no animal by-products, has not been tested on animals, and is suitable for Vegans!

Vegan water based exfoliating gel made with botanical extracts

Vegan water based Exfoliating Gel made with Botanical Extracts

Bella Terra’s non-granular (it will not leave any micro-tears in your skin) Exfoliating Gel offers exclusive technology that lets you see a visible difference in just one use! You’ll enjoy an intensive, deep cleansing beauty treatment with natural botanical extracts and soothing Aloe Vera and chamomile that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dulling debris and excess oils.

Whichever product it is that you end up deciding on, the use of an exfoliator is just a little different to the use of a cleanser, or everyday foam wash.

Here’s how you can use the above Exfoliating Gel

**Only exfoliate once a week

  1. Apply to entire face and neck and allow to sit.
  2. Just when the gel begins to dry, rub it in with fingertips.
  3. Rinse it out, et voila, you have just exfoliated!

If you are interested in giving Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Exfoliating Gel a try, you can order it online, as well

It wouldn’t be advisable to just leave your skin in that position, though. You still need to follow up with two other processes, but I will let this new information sink in, and come back with part 3 of Beauty Basics.

So stay tuned, and I’ll talk to you all soon.

Good luck on your quest, and remember; The B word is for Beauty!