C for Collagen! Vitamin C and Your Skin

Every morning during my teen years, I would awaken, carry out my morning “beauty routine”, and then proceed to brush my teeth.Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Lifting Eye Serum Nightly Restoration Cream Whenever I would notice what appeared to be bleeding gums, from wisdom teeth coming through, I would complain to my Mother that I feared the worst; Scurvy! I would shudder.
She would laugh at me, knowing very well that it was not the case, whilst my younger siblings enquired what exactly this elusive, strange, mysterious, and slightly picky disease (why was I the only one who got it?) was; To which I would willingly explain:
“It’s like when Sailors were exploring the world in the 1800s, and they weren’t getting enough Vitamins and Minerals. The sailors used to get bleeding gums, and lose all their teeth.”
My youngest sibling would animatedly reply: “Did they die?” which was always greeted with somewhat of a shoulder shrug–I had no idea…

Well, it’s been a long time since the British sailors found out that you could avoid Scurvy by regularly taking vitamin C.
Whilst perhaps your parents, and grandparents may have told you that the best way to avoid colds was to take vitamin C regularly.

Are you familiar with the role of vitamin C for skin?

According to ExpertClinic.org, vitamin C also plays an important role in boosting skin quality. Continue reading

Your Skin Is Rusty, Girl!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Antioxidants

You can literally save your skin from damage

Ah… The Teen years. The years we throw all caution to wind, and use baby oil to tan our skin.
The years we conveniently forget to wear a hat while we’re outside, because we don’t want to ruin our hair.
The years we amass a bucketload of free radicals that our skin has to spend the rest of the era, and our early twenties fighting off!
Then 22 comes…
It comes like a debt collector looking to be paid, and you are suddenly realizing that the elasticity of your once supple, and smooth skin has been compromised.
You not only have pimples, but you also beginning to spot some fine-lines, from all those cute funny faces you made in those totes adorb’s selfies taken in the passengers seat of your best friends car, during that one awesome summer.
You have now entered the twilight zone…

On the verge of a quarter life crisis, you plow through your favourite beauty glossies, and notice that they all seem to be touting products with Antioxidants. Continue reading

Nothing Worth Having Is “Free”–Free Radicals Included!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Free Radical Fighting

Free radicals are truly nothing to smile about…

Anyone else out there who used to think that the term: “Free Radicals” was a good thing?
No one? O.K, well personally I feel like my misguided thoughts were created by the fact that, to me, anything “Free” is supposedly a good thing.
Not this time around…

In my quest, and need to understand the nature of human skin, and how it can be better (okay, I just wanted to get rid of premature wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes, and zits!), I kept stumbling upon this word, and at first I dismissed it with simple definitions, after admittedly thinking that free radicals weren’t such a bad thing.
When something reoccurs, I have a tendency to pay just a little more attention to it than usual, hence this post!
There are a few brief things that I understand about Free Radicals at this point, and that is the fact that they are itty bitty particles, if you will, that are responsible for scientists’ understanding of the aging process of the human body.

Scientists now know that every single disease that ever was, and is begins first at the cellular level.  So the fact is that Free Radicals that attack your skin, and cause damage to your skin cell’s DNA.
I didn’t understand that originally. I thought that DNA was something that you were born with, and could never change, but now we find out that it’s not a matter of impossible, but unwanted. Continue reading