The Natural Way To Have Brighter, Smoother Skin

Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream Lactic Acid

An ingredient as ancient, and mystical as the desert sands on Egypt

Let’s play a game, shall we?

There is an ingredient that I have seen over and over again, and it’s supposedly a rock-star when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, and lightening skin. Maybe I have written about it before. What do you think this ingredient is called?
It lightens skin…
Alpha Hydroxy Acids?–Well you are quiet close, but nope!
This amazing ingredient is present in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream… Does that help?
How about another clue;
Some of the best, and slightly expensive spas in the world make chemical peels out of this ingredient to leave skin looking younger, and more radiant.
Another clue:
For years, natural products found in the kitchen have been used to aid in skin care.
Your cabinets and refrigerator seem to be packed with healing agents, from cucumbers for your eyes to honey, lemons for your skin, and probably many others that you might know about–except, perhaps that this one ingredient is the one that’s lurking away in your milk jug.

If your answer is Lactic Acid (yeah right! You couldn’t have guessed) then you have managed to use all the above clues, and guess correctly!

According to;
Lactic Acid is part of the Alpha Hydroxy family, this key ingredient gives the term “milky complexion” a whole new meaning. Continue reading


The Goodness of My AHAs

After writing the post on the benefits of having a Toner in your skin care regiment, a friend of mine let me know that she was already looking at the Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Pore Refining Toner.

I was quiet pleased with that, since she’d actually always resisted my advice. It was a huge compliment.
Spurred on by the promise of getting the product at a special price online, she headed on to the Bella Terra Cosmetics site, and decided that she would see what all the hype was about.
Knowing my friend, she was going to scrutinize every single detail of this product, just so that she can tell me what a load of BS it was. So right on queue, when she looked at the ingredients list, she saw that the toner has AHAs. “What in the heck are AHAs?!”, she demanded of me… Continue reading