Bella Terra Cosmetics Improves How Your Skin Ages

Bella Terra Cosmetics Improves Your Skins Aging

Let’s improve how our skin ages!

Some pessimists like to state boldly that our skin can only get crappier, no matter what cream we use, or how many facials we get.
I don’t agree! I think that it is very possible to improve, and take back your youth.

Everyone knows what good skin looks like; Well hydrated, tight, elastic, not overly oily, tiny clear, and probably not even noticeable pores… Ah good skin, you enigmatic thing you!

Our skin is pretty much on autopilot, that is until puberty, and then we notice that our once all-clear, wrinkle-free complexion is beginning to falter its way through early adolescence, in the form of those hateful pimples.
Time takes its toll, and our skin becomes less and less stable, with genetic changes and sun damage taking their combined effect.
Unfortunately we can only control things to a certain extent, at which point we are completely vulnerable to some factors of natural aging, and today we even know that the sun — not our genes — is mostly to blame for our baby-fresh faces turning blemished and wrinkled.

If you are not really in the mood to know the cause, the best preventative measure you can take–besides limiting sun exposure and wearing protection from damaging UV rays– is to focus on these other changes you can make to keep bad elements at bay:
Don’t smoke.
Limit your alcohol intake, and
Choose a skin care regiment that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. I am especially proud of the one that I have devised using Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics’ Skincare range.

If you are still interested in knowing exactly how does your skin age, stay with me! Continue reading


Youth in Resurgence: Bella Terra Cosmetics’ use of Dead Sea Salts

Bella Terra Cosmetics Dead Sea Salts

A secret, natural ingredient for more youthful, supple skin, that relieves inflammation!

Last week I was having quiet irritated skin, and I had no idea what it could have been… It’s autumn here in the southern hemisphere, and for me that means extra dry air.
Back to what I was talking about; I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with my skin, but out of sheer dumb luck (I guess), I decided to try Bella Terra Milky Cleanser, and there was a cooling effect, immediately followed by some relief.
Although I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing, it worked, and so I thought to myself;
“Oh snap… Time for a Bella Terra Cosmetics Review”
The cleanser gave the same sort of cooling relief as someone who was using anti-aging products would receive, so then I began to wonder to myself;
What does the Bella Terra Milky Cleanser have in common with anti-aging products?
The answer: Bella Terra Milky Cleanser has Dead Sea Salts
The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been well known since ancient times. I think the most famous visitor to the “World’s Oldest Spa” was Cleopatra, who would visit with her husband Herod the Great, and frequented the Dead Sea for its minerals and mud.
She even purportedly urged her lover Mark Antony to conquer the region so that she might have an unlimited supply of the minerals!

So what; Bella Terra Milky Cleanser has Dead Sea Salts?! Continue reading

Bella Terra’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Injection Free Botox

Bella Terra Anti Wrinkle Cream is Botox

Bella Terra Anti-Wrinkle Cream gives Botox a real run for its money!

I recently wrote, and touted Bella Terra’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream, as something that people who are in their twenties should invest in, as a preventative measure! I went through the ingredients, and benefits of the product according to my knowledge, and understanding at that time.
The other day I was re-reading that article (as you do), and something hit me as I was looking at the ingredients section. I began to wonder; “Exactly what is this?”
Once I had sufficiently answered that question, my mind drifted to yet another conundrum: “Is it good for my skin?”

Well if you’ve seen the ingredients list of Bella Terra’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Hexapeptides are in there. You can finally be reassured that this is an excellent ingredient for your skin, and since I am here, I may as well take you through the rundown of this quiet interesting biochemical.

According to history, this ingredient was actually meant to save lives in war-time, but then somehow, it made its way into cosmetology, and has been reversing many women’s age clocks since! Continue reading

Lighter, Brighter…er…. Underarms?

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Underarm Lightening

Establishing these habits, made lighter underarms permanent

When I was a kid, you couldn’t have been able to convince me that there would be so many reasons, and so many ways that I would find to not like the way certain parts of me look. No way!
Of course we are all self-conscious about certain parts of ourselves, but to have more than a hand-full of places that you don’t like is probably really excessive.
Anyway. I have always wondered if it was possible to tackle this issue of mine…
It’s to do with my under-arms. Man, I have had a problem with this area forever!

Before I could even dream of picking up all those strange ingredients that Dr. Internet would no doubt suggest to me, I wanted to actually get down to the basics, and start out with where exactly I got to be in this predicament.
Is there something that I did–or do–to get dark under-arms? Continue reading

Importance of Fragrance Free Beauty

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Fragrance Free

Smelling “good” has some serious health implications.
Choose fragrance free beauty products!

I have asked myself and many others around me, to very few, and far in-between responses for the answer to my next question, however when I saw the label “Fragrance Free” on the Bella Terra Skincare range, the question was reignited yet again, and I wanted to know;
“What’s the big deal about fragrances and chemicals?”

If just like me, you may have noticed a slight up-tick in the fragrance-free, less toxic products on the market but still don’t get the point of it, here’s the gist of what I have found out: 
The health of all human beings and the health of our planet are both directly dependent on what we put on and in our bodies, our land, and our air.

Yeah… Still not sinking in? I guess we should take look at the reasons that some people believe should be the main motives behind going fragrance-free, and the next time you see those words as a label on your Bella Terra Cosmetics you can rest assured that it’s a good thing! (or bad thing, I don’t know… Let’s see.) Continue reading

The Skinny On Large Pores

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Pores3

Someone please save me from my chin?

I was recently looking back on everything that I have written about skin, and trying to figure out if I may have missed something…
Lately my own skin is getting much better, more clearer, just more awesome, really, but I have been struggling with what looks like blackheads, or enlarged pores, or both on my chin, and I was like; “Well… What could have caused this?”
It struck me that it was time to really look at what’s going on inside my skin.
Learn more about my pores. Learn more about how to prevent certain things, and how to manage others…

The 411 on Pores

Your pores go with your hair; like “fingers, go with nails”, in that:
 For every hair on your body, there is a corresponding skin pore.
Even though we can’t see every single pore, we can definitely see some of them, and it’s the same with hair actually. Continue reading

Your Skin Is Rusty, Girl!

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Antioxidants

You can literally save your skin from damage

Ah… The Teen years. The years we throw all caution to wind, and use baby oil to tan our skin.
The years we conveniently forget to wear a hat while we’re outside, because we don’t want to ruin our hair.
The years we amass a bucketload of free radicals that our skin has to spend the rest of the era, and our early twenties fighting off!
Then 22 comes…
It comes like a debt collector looking to be paid, and you are suddenly realizing that the elasticity of your once supple, and smooth skin has been compromised.
You not only have pimples, but you also beginning to spot some fine-lines, from all those cute funny faces you made in those totes adorb’s selfies taken in the passengers seat of your best friends car, during that one awesome summer.
You have now entered the twilight zone…

On the verge of a quarter life crisis, you plow through your favourite beauty glossies, and notice that they all seem to be touting products with Antioxidants. Continue reading