The Natural Way To Have Brighter, Smoother Skin

Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream Lactic Acid

An ingredient as ancient, and mystical as the desert sands on Egypt

Let’s play a game, shall we?

There is an ingredient that I have seen over and over again, and it’s supposedly a rock-star when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, and lightening skin. Maybe I have written about it before. What do you think this ingredient is called?
It lightens skin…
Alpha Hydroxy Acids?–Well you are quiet close, but nope!
This amazing ingredient is present in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream… Does that help?
How about another clue;
Some of the best, and slightly expensive spas in the world make chemical peels out of this ingredient to leave skin looking younger, and more radiant.
Another clue:
For years, natural products found in the kitchen have been used to aid in skin care.
Your cabinets and refrigerator seem to be packed with healing agents, from cucumbers for your eyes to honey, lemons for your skin, and probably many others that you might know about–except, perhaps that this one ingredient is the one that’s lurking away in your milk jug.

If your answer is Lactic Acid (yeah right! You couldn’t have guessed) then you have managed to use all the above clues, and guess correctly!

According to;
Lactic Acid is part of the Alpha Hydroxy family, this key ingredient gives the term “milky complexion” a whole new meaning.

Where does the Lactic Acid in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream come from?

As far as I know, it is derived from sour or fermented milk, lactic acid, and is a popular beauty aid for those seeking to improve their skin’s texture and hydration level.
If you need celebrity testimony on the matter, look no further than Cleopatra‘s beauty regimen.
According to; Even the former Egyptian queen, who was known for her beauty, was rumored to have bathed in sour milk to improve her skin.

Lactic acid is being discovered all over again, as new information emerges showing that it useful as a probiotic in anti-acne treatments. Lactic acid is the gentlest of the alpha hydroxy acids; it is also very versatile and has great utility in treating a number of different skin conditions. These three posts look at the benefits of LA from three different points of view: anti-aging, skin lightening and anti-acne.

The more I kept reading, I have to admit that it was slightly tempting to visit the grocery store (sorry, vegetarian, so I don’t have animal byproducts in my fridge), and get some whole milk, and jump in the bath with it.
Unfortunately lactic acid doesn’t necessarily work that way (if only it were that easy).
However, Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream will certainly come in-handy.

Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream works amazingly on Wrinkles

Lactic acid, which will now be referred to as LA is a versatile Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sour dairy products and fermented fruits and vegetables.
Since its discovery inside the beauty industry, lactic acid in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream has been proven to benefit the fight against aging and wrinkles, alongside a growing number of different skin conditions.
Most recently, new information regarding LA as an effective ingredient used in anti-acne treatments has brought this powerful, natural skincare staple into the limelight again. I mean, just imagine;
You are still not completely out of the abysmal situation that is the twenties, and suddenly fine lines, and wrinkles, aka the early signs of aging, are beginning to show? So you think to yourself;
Am I supposed to choose between something for acne or something for wrinkles, or both?
If you would like to sort yourself out, have smooth supple, healthy skin;
Just give Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream a go!

More Glorious Facts About Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream

The Nightly Restoration Creams’ LA is a better, and gentler Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream Lactic Acid

So amazing that it’s actually tempting to also wear it in the daytime, but better not!

Lactic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids are exfoliants that have long since been used to impede or delay skin aging.
Exfoliants encourage the removal of dead skin cells on the surface, triggering an increase in cell turnover and renewal.
Unfortunately, LA is often grouped with other AHAs, such as Glycolic Acid, because of the similarity of benefits they deliver as a whole.
However, it’s important to understand how Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream’s LA is different from other AHAs and why it is the clear winner in the fight against aging and wrinkles.

Why Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream is better

  • The Lactic acid found in Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream is less prone to cause skin irritation because it does not penetrate the skin surface as deeply as other AHAs.
    This makes LA a top pick for sensitive and rosacea prone skin.
  • Lactic acid has powerful humectant properties, helping your skin increase water content.
    Other AHAs tend to have the reverse effect of drying your skin.
  • Lactic acid stimulates the natural way your skin stays plump and pliable, providing true hydration beyond surface levels unlike other AHAs which provide only artificial, temporary benefits.

Now since LA is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (a mild one, but one regardless), please be advised to use the Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream at night?
AHAs make your skin more susceptible to UVA and UVB Rays, so always wear a sun-screen when you go out, and only use the product if you are going to be staying indoors, and at night.
The best part of Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream is that the antioxidants will help fight, and neutralize any of the Free Radicals that you may have come home with throughout the day, so don’t be nervous about enjoying your life.

As long as you wear your sunscreen, maintain the “beauty basics” skincare regiment, and pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you, you won’t have any problems at all!

If you have any questions, queries or requests simply send a message to: thatbeautyword(at)gmail(dot)com and I will get back to your email *should you mark it confidential, or reply in a post!

Stay beautiful!


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