C for Collagen! Vitamin C and Your Skin

Every morning during my teen years, I would awaken, carry out my morning “beauty routine”, and then proceed to brush my teeth.Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Lifting Eye Serum Nightly Restoration Cream Whenever I would notice what appeared to be bleeding gums, from wisdom teeth coming through, I would complain to my Mother that I feared the worst; Scurvy! I would shudder.
She would laugh at me, knowing very well that it was not the case, whilst my younger siblings enquired what exactly this elusive, strange, mysterious, and slightly picky disease (why was I the only one who got it?) was; To which I would willingly explain:
“It’s like when Sailors were exploring the world in the 1800s, and they weren’t getting enough Vitamins and Minerals. The sailors used to get bleeding gums, and lose all their teeth.”
My youngest sibling would animatedly reply: “Did they die?” which was always greeted with somewhat of a shoulder shrug–I had no idea…

Well, it’s been a long time since the British sailors found out that you could avoid Scurvy by regularly taking vitamin C.
Whilst perhaps your parents, and grandparents may have told you that the best way to avoid colds was to take vitamin C regularly.

Are you familiar with the role of vitamin C for skin?

According to ExpertClinic.org, vitamin C also plays an important role in boosting skin quality.

This Scurvy Thing Sounds Serious. Tell Me More!

Back then, British sailors had suffered bleeding on their skin and mouth ulcers because they didn’t have enough vitamin C.
The main cause of the bleeding this was the fact that vitamin C plays a vital role in producing collagen.
So now it starts to make sense right? Vitamin C, Collagen, Youth, Skin… Nope?

What is Collagen From Vitamin C

Collagen is a type of protein that helps the growth of cells and blood vessels.
It is also responsible in making the skin firm and boosts its strength. With vitamin C, your skin can boost the skin repair.
Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that can slow down the rate of free radical damage.
Free radicals are responsible for damaging the collagen, which may result to flaky skin, fines lines and wrinkles.<<< Remember this piece I wrote about Free Radicals?

The Vitamin C in Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Skin-Care Range

Vitamin C in Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream

Bella Terra Cosmetics Nightly Restoration Cream: Rich in Free-Radial Fighting Vitamins and Minerals

Recent studies demonstrate that ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C is also effective in neutralizing the free radicals and in reversing DNA damage.
Studies also imply that using skincare products containing vitamin C are also effective in reducing sunburn that occurs due to ultraviolet rays.
Regular take of vitamin C can also prevent the consequences that are often associated with sun exposure like skin cancer, this is something that Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream has proven to be quiet effective at!
Please note that using Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream is no excuse to run around, throwing all caution to the wind, and not using sunscreen; As a matter of fact, I personally recommend only using the Nightly Restoration Cream in the evening, and not before heading outside, as this can have an adverse reaction on your skin!

How Much is Too Much Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream?

You can apply a generous amount of the Nightly Restoration Cream, you really don’t have to worry about “using too much”.
This cream can boost the collagen production and fight any free radicals. 


I take it you didn’t read my previous piece on Free Radicals, and their adverse effect on skin, and any anti-aging endeavor that you might have.
The gist of it all is that oxygen free radicals are just cells that happened to get corrupted, create extra electrons, and send the wrong genetic information to our skin, robbing it of essential nutrients, and how anti-oxidants scavenge up those extra electrons.
You also have to remember that while those free radicals may have been taken care of, the damage that they’ve already done is still there.
That’s where the Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, aka one of those anti-oxidants that go around mopping up free radical, come into play.
Since we’re not all reaching for the fountain of youth, guess what? Vitamin C does way more than that!

If it’s an Anti-Oxidant, Why Can’t I Wear My Nightly Restoration Cream In The Day?

Vitamin C is both really good, and a little sucky at being an Anti-Oxidant
The problem with Vitamin C as an anti-Oxidant is that it is Easily Inactivated
It has to do with the chemical structure of the ring and things that can happen to it.
What’s interesting about this ion (Vitamin C. Aka Ascorbate Ion) is that while it is “transient,” it is more stable than many other transient ions. It can either donate the free-radical electron somewhere else, or pick up a second electron, and become an anti-oxidant again.
So, really it doesn’t stick around long as the Ascorbate Ion, it either goes back to Ascorbic Acid or it goes on to become Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA).

Here’s the thing:
While DHAA could give off one, or even both of those electrons, and go back to being an Ascorbate Ion or Ascorbic Acid, sometimes that doesn’t happen.
Sometimes the whole thing is stuck and the Vitamin C becomes inactivated.

It also happens really quickly, and when you expose that Vitamin C to a high free radical situation, such as direct sunlight or air and the molecule can quickly progress back and forth between the 3 forms until that ring opens up and it is inactivated.
So, Vitamin C quickly accepts those electrons, which can make it a potent anti-oxidant.

How About the Vitamin C in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Eye Lifting Serum?

Vitamin C in Bella Terra Cosmetics Lifting Eye Serum

Bella Terra Cosmetics Liftng Eye Serum: Rich in Free-Radical fighting anti-oxidants

This one is really good. Keeping in mind what I already told you about staying out of a Free-Radical aggressive situation whilst you use the product, and you will realize;

Vitamin C in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Eye Lifting Serum Helps Collagen and Elastin Creation

Ascorbate (Vitamin C–stay with me) is needed in the creation of collagen.
Without it, there is no collagen production, or if any is made, it is structurally not sound since it can’t form properly.
This is why Vitamin C deficiency results in Scurvy… Scroll on up, and refresh your mind.
Vitamin C also helps with elastin production, though the mechanism isn’t quite clear.

Why should you care about Collagen and Elastin?

If you head back to my earlier posts (any really), you’ll read about how important Collagen and Elastin are in the skin’s structural integrity and elastic capabilities. They are key for anti-aging!

What does Vitamin C in Bella Terra Cosmetics Skincare Range do to Collagen and Elastin?

There has been some evidence showing that fibroblast cells, in a petri dish, will increase their collagen production is response to extra ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).
However, it might be a bit of a balance since cell cultures with elevated ascorbic acid levels have less elastin. I know, it is all very confusing, especially since these findings seem to contradict each other. Remember that these studies are done in Petri dishes, which aren’t exactly the same environment as your skin.

Five Benefits of Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream, and Lifting Serum

1) Aging
There have been studies finding improvement in wrinkles with application of Vitamin C over several months. These studies are not ideal as they aren’t our “gold standard” of a randomized, double blinded trial, but they are positive results.
It isn’t entirely clear how Vitamin C had this effect on wrinkles. Subjects in these studies tend to experience irritation from the Vitamin C application. Is the improvement in wrinkles due to increased collagen, or did the irritation and inflammation itself do something?

Vitamin C is frequently overlooked as an ingredient to help fight Hyper-Pigmentation. It will inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, so it helps prevent melanin production. There have been studies that found significant lightening of Hyper-Pigmentation with vitamin C. What is really cool about Vitamin C as a pigmentation fighter though, is that one researcher found that Vitamin C didn’t lighten the skin of normal people. Which means that it seems to target the problem pigmentation areas, but leaves everything else alone.
So, use Vitamin C without worrying that it will lighten your skin. Or use it to target those areas of Hyper-Pigmentation, but don’t worry that it will lighten everything around the problem area, making it stick out even more.

3) Anti-Inflammatory
Vitamin C has been found to work as an anti-inflammatory. Cells in culture have been found to have decreased levels of inflammatory markers. This has lead some to theorize that Vitamin C can help post-inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation.

4)Wound Care
Wounded skin also benefits from this all-purpose wonder nutrient, and vitamin C ointments are often used to help skin replace damaged tissue with scar tissue. Vitamin C’s healing properties are legendary, and it’s thought to reduce sunburn damage and help protect the skin from the long-term effects of too much unprotected sun. However, a daily C supplement will not replace the safe shield of your daily sunblock.

5) Vitamin E Boost
It’s thought that vitamin C may play a role in helping our bodies regenerate their stores of oxidized vitamin E. This form of E possesses powerful antioxidant effects that help the body fight the aging effects of free radicals, protects cells from UBV damage and improves the overall texture of the skin.

Many Fruit are Rich in Vitamin C, why Should I buy Skincare Products?

The interesting thing to know is that oral supplementation of Vitamin C does not seem to affect levels in the skin beyond normal.
According to 15MinuteBeauty.com, you can drink all the OJ you want, just because there is more Vitamin C in your system doesn’t mean that your body will transport it to your skin or that your skin will even work to take up more of the available Vitamin C from the blood.
So, you’ll need to apply the product topically either in Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream, or their Lifting Eye Serum.


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