Importance of Fragrance Free Beauty

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Fragrance Free

Smelling “good” has some serious health implications.
Choose fragrance free beauty products!

I have asked myself and many others around me, to very few, and far in-between responses for the answer to my next question, however when I saw the label “Fragrance Free” on the Bella Terra Skincare range, the question was reignited yet again, and I wanted to know;
“What’s the big deal about fragrances and chemicals?”

If just like me, you may have noticed a slight up-tick in the fragrance-free, less toxic products on the market but still don’t get the point of it, here’s the gist of what I have found out: 
The health of all human beings and the health of our planet are both directly dependent on what we put on and in our bodies, our land, and our air.

Yeah… Still not sinking in? I guess we should take look at the reasons that some people believe should be the main motives behind going fragrance-free, and the next time you see those words as a label on your Bella Terra Cosmetics you can rest assured that it’s a good thing! (or bad thing, I don’t know… Let’s see.)

My clothes are making me sick?

I know! I was like; “What the heck?” the first time I did some research and found out that some detergents have really harsh chemicals, which would reek if they didn’t put fragrances, and perfumes in them. So while it’s nice to use detergents that smell like Mum, your life-span can actually be drastically shortened by that very nostalgia.
So then I got to thinking… If fabric detergents, which are rinsed with water can do that; are my cosmetics which contain fragrance guilty of the same thing?

How will I know?

Indeed. That’s question is not just a Whitney Houston song, it’s also a pretty in-depth question, that gets to the root of it all…
Let me ask you this;
Have you ever had a headache whilst sitting next to someone who was wearing a fragrance that you had never previously been exposed to? Body Odour–as much as it sucks!-doesn’t count
Have you ever felt dizzy after walking into someone’s home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a sensitivity to certain chemicals, and fragrances, and to be honest, to a small degree, we all are.
Perhaps you’re a real G, and don’t have any bit of Chemical Sensitivity (CS for short).

Chemical Sensitivities are a real thing?

So you don’t have CS, and you may not personally know anyone with Chemical Sensitivities, but they’re out there, and the products you use can literally make or break their health, their well-being, and their entire lives. Every product you put on your body or clothes, can affect the people you come into contact with. This includes perfume, soap and shampoo, laundry products, even the air fresheners and cleaning products you use in your house. And because there are so many chemicals and fragrances used nowadays, you can understand the frustration when a chemically sensitive person needs to avoid these in order to feel well.

Fragranced Products actually pose a health risk to us

It is important to remember that even if you don’t feel sick around chemicals and fragrances, your body is still absorbing them just as much as if you had put them in your mouth.
Even if you don’t notice it, your body is significantly overstressed due to the environment we live in and the choices our society has made.
Your body works hard to process and detoxify from the constant influx of chemicals, and it simply does not have the capacity to remove all of these toxins.
The residual amounts of chemicals that remain may not cause any symptoms at first, but research suggests that it can catch up to you.Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Fragrance Free2

That’s really scary! What happens?

First, there is the possibility of developing Chemical Sensitivities yourself, due to the constant exposure to chemicals and toxins.
Second, numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between the increasing use of toxic chemicals in our society and the increased prevalence of cancer and other terminal diseases, asthma and other respiratory diseases, cognitive issues and learning disabilities/developmental delay (including autism), mental health and behavioral problems, and many other illnesses.
In addition, the chemicals you absorb on a daily basis may cause damage to your body and contribute to less than optimal health and energy levels, even if this does not lead to a disease state.

Many of the chemicals and fragrances in our beauty products are neurotoxins (damage the nervous system and brain), endocrine disruptors (disrupt the normal functioning of hormones), carcinogens (contribute to the development of cancerous cells), hepatotoxins (damage the liver), mutagens (alter the DNA in cells), allergens (cause allergic reactions), reproductive chemicals (affect fertility), and teratogens/embryotoxins (interfere with the normal development of an embryo or fetus).

When people switch to fragrance-free, less toxic beauty products, like the Bella Terra Skincare range, most of them notice an improvement in their overall health and energy level, even if they didn’t have any major health problems to begin with.

The best way to protect yourself is to choose fragrance-free, less toxic products whenever possible in your own individual life, and to encourage your loved ones to do the same. You can find safer alternatives at health food stores and at most conventional grocery and department stores. Whenever you buy anything, take the time to look at the ingredients.
If there are words you don’t know, look them up.
If there are things you’ve heard of but don’t know what they are, take the time to find out.
You will be doing your body a favor.

There obviously are a lot of changes that need to happen on the governmental and regulatory level as well. With so many unsafe beauty products on the market, it’s a wonder how they were ever approved for distribution. Activism at this level is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. However, as a consumer, the most effective thing you can do is simply stop buying these beauty products and refuse to support companies that are causing more harm in the world than good.

Bella Terra Chooses to be Fragrance Free

The thing is, just because people with CS exist, doesn’t mean that these “bubble people” will automatically have good skin, and not suffer from the same problems as we all do, and it’s even harder for them to use products that can help them, simply because all of them might have hidden chemicals that could kill them.
Not Bella Terra Cosmetics! They maintain parfum/fragrance free in their basic skincare range, because they understand this.

We can all go fragrance-free ourselves, even if we don’t “need” to.

Why should I go Fragrance-Free?

Every person that chooses fragrance-free, non-toxic beauty products is making a difference. It is one small change but the more people that do it, the healthier our world becomes.
If you look at your individual actions as small and inconsequential, change never happens. But if you are willing to have respect and compassion for people who are struggling, and you are willing to make choices that cause as little harm to others as possible, your commitment will encourage other people to do the same, and eventually a huge upheaval will have taken place.

Isn’t it more expensive, and time-consuming?

Nope! It might feel like such a drag in the beginning to have to check your labels, and make sure that what you are purchasing will not cause environmental harm, but Fragrance-free, non-toxic living is both an opportunity and a privilege.

How is fragrance free an opportunity?

It is a way that you can feel connected to all of humanity by taking conscious action intended to benefit others and make health and happiness equally available to everyone.
It is not a sacrifice.
Anything in life that allows us to increase our awareness of and compassion for others is truly a blessing not to be missed.


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