Beauty Basics for Healthy Skin pt. 2

Healthy skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3; once you have mastered the basics.

Literally step 1, 2 and 3. Today we’re going to start with the first step!

The last time we were talking about Beauty Basics, I put a great deal of emphasis on making sure that you understand what exactly you were working with. That is to say, figuring out your skin type by removing all the unnecessary stuff, like make-up. (Read it here: Part 1)

If you have a problem with Acne flares, that come and go, and you have no idea what they’re caused by, or excessive oiliness, these steps that I’ll be sharing will really help you–heck they worked for me!

Healthy Skin Step 1: Exfoliating

This is not just some buzz-word invented by beauty gurus. If you are an acne sufferer, exfoliation is going to become a new revolutionary part of your life!

Exfoliation; A cosmetic technique aimed at removing dead skin cells from the face and body.

Exfoliation; A cosmetic technique aimed at removing dead skin cells from the face and body.

What to look for in an Exfoliating product

Every well read dermatologist, and cosmetologist  is going to tell you the same thing; Stay away from these home-made “exfoliating products” made from egg shells, or ground peach pits, as they can create little micro tears in the skin, and leave scars.

Make sure that the product that you end up choosing has;

  1. NO Parabens
  2. NO Propylene Glycol
  3. NO Ethanolamines
  4. NO Sulphates
  5. NO Phthalates
  6. NO Synthetic Dye
  7. NO Nitro Musks, and 
  8. NO Retinol/AHAs

What you are looking for is a product that is a mild exfoliant, and will naturally leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, and young again!

You might think that there couldn’t possibly be a product out there that can fit all those categories, and still be affordable right?

Bella Terra Cosmetics Exfoliating Gel

I personally really love the Bella Terra Cosmetics range because not only does their Exfoliating Gel not contain any of the above-mentioned ingredients, but the gel has no wheat, no nuts, no animal by-products, has not been tested on animals, and is suitable for Vegans!

Vegan water based exfoliating gel made with botanical extracts

Vegan water based Exfoliating Gel made with Botanical Extracts

Bella Terra’s non-granular (it will not leave any micro-tears in your skin) Exfoliating Gel offers exclusive technology that lets you see a visible difference in just one use! You’ll enjoy an intensive, deep cleansing beauty treatment with natural botanical extracts and soothing Aloe Vera and chamomile that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dulling debris and excess oils.

Whichever product it is that you end up deciding on, the use of an exfoliator is just a little different to the use of a cleanser, or everyday foam wash.

Here’s how you can use the above Exfoliating Gel

**Only exfoliate once a week

  1. Apply to entire face and neck and allow to sit.
  2. Just when the gel begins to dry, rub it in with fingertips.
  3. Rinse it out, et voila, you have just exfoliated!

If you are interested in giving Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Exfoliating Gel a try, you can order it online, as well

It wouldn’t be advisable to just leave your skin in that position, though. You still need to follow up with two other processes, but I will let this new information sink in, and come back with part 3 of Beauty Basics.

So stay tuned, and I’ll talk to you all soon.

Good luck on your quest, and remember; The B word is for Beauty!


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