Beauty Basics for Healthy Skin

Bella Terra Cosmetics

Beauty is MORE than make-up


Bella Terra Cosmetics

The reason why most people that I ask, don’t like to bother with “beauty” or overall excessive skin-care (their words), is because life is too short to spend it all on your face. They figure that their skin is “as good as it’s gonna get”, and then sigh and fall into a depression abyss when they have acne issues.

Beauty Basics with Bella Terra Cosmetics

Most high-end beauty companies miss the fact that:

Healthy skin is a daily habit

And while selling concealers, and foundations to mask unhealthy skin is profitable for them, when you remove that mask at the end of the day, your skin is still there, right back where you left it, or in an even worse state!

There are over a million things I could talk about when referring to my latest craze (Bella Terra Cosmetics), but I think what really stood out for me, was the fact that they understand that healthy skin is a habit, and that clear skin is the best canvas. So, let’s put away all our make-up brushes for one second, and talk about healthy skin. I’m a ¬†vegetarian as well, and I adore the fact that their products are not tested on animals, and contain no animal by-products.

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